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"Dimentional Gateway series" new work of Algernon Miller

Miller has concentrated on transforming the non-material into the material, utilizing sacred geometry and numerology, sculptural and architectural form, text, and cross-continental exchange. He draws on African and African-American artistic heritage, such as beading and quilting. Yet, his use of new technologies, as in much Afrofuturism, traverses the so-called digital divide, which associates blackness with technological disadvantage. Along with many Afrofuturist thinkers, he is conscious of a long line of “Blacks in Science,”  black innovators, and he experiments with sound, kinetic energy, solar power, 3D animation, and holography. 


A father of Afrofuturism


Welcome to Al Miller Studio

I use the word as a link both to the body and beyond. In the mid-1990s I used pages of African-centered books on art, history, and spirituality in my library as source material for my series entitled “Skywords.” Inspired by some of my favorite authors. I digitally manipulated their texts to evoke physical as well heavenly bodies, creating constellations and biomorphic arrangements. Here the word is a medium that operates at the level of our minds/bodies in such a way that the implications and resonances are cosmic. My practice includes a wide range of disciplines here are some selected works that reflect my reputation as one of the early Afrofuturist. 

Meet the Artist on Saturday, Jan. 11th, 2020. [WATCH] an excerpt from Algernon Miller's "Time Being" exhibit at Wilmer Jennings Gallery ...Click to see the video.

Click to see the video. Frederick Douglass Circle was designed by Al Miller. Public monuments are powerful storytelling iconography that can shape our collective understanding of the past and help determine which histories we will continue to preserve and celebrate in the future.

Al Miller


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Click to see the video from the exhibition, "The Global Africa Project," which opened at the Museum of Art and Design from 11/17/10 to 5/15/11



Click this image to see the detailed portfolio. This series of works was created by digitally manipulating text selected from Miller's collection of African-centered books.



Click this image to see the detailed portfolio. Miller documents images and then processes the city’s socially loaded patterns and textures into kaleidoscopic paintings.


Dream Catchers

Future Quilt

Click this image to see the detailed portfolio.



Click this image to see the detailed portfolio. 


GUCCI Lights

Click this image to see the detailed portfolio.

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